Stained Glass Pricing


IMPORTANT UPDATE for fans of stained glass:

Unfortunately, Steve has suspended all stained glass marketing and production. A big thanks goes out to all his customers and supporters over the past 20 years. The pricing information below is being left in place as a reference for stained glass lovers interested in having a project created.


Any stained glass project may include these four factors.  Most of the projects I do (probably 70%) are done and priced with just the first two - size and complexity.

1. SIZE is charged at $50.00 per square foot.  If the example here was made 24" by 66" for a typical door insert, the size charge would be $50.00*(24*66)/144 = $550

2. COMPLEXITY is charged at $5.00 per piece.  The example has 150 pieces, so this adds $750 to the price.  So this design, at that size would total $1300 plus taxes.

3. EXTRAS are charged at the retail price of the extra items.  There are quite a variety of these things, depending on the nature of the project.  A few common examples:
a. beveled glass, bevel clusters and custom beveling
b. wooden frames for hanging panels
c. lamp bases or electrical hardware for light fixtures
d. extra labour by Steve which can include installation, removing old windows, refinishing frames, repairing damaged stained glass - this is all charged at $50 per hour.

4. ORIGINAL DESIGN FEES are not common.  Most people like to select a design (like the example) from books of design patterns.  I have dozens of these books - there are hundreds of them. Clients borrow them and I work with their selected design, adjusting it to the correct size and sometimes making small changes.  This work is included in the base pricing above. However, some clients need something different - they have an idea, a vision, a look in mind. I create original designs - working with the customer - to achieve their vision.  We create a stained glass original - unique in the world - that "fits and enriches".  The fees charged for this original design work depend on the complexity of the vision, the challenges and the fluidity of the clients' ideas.

CHANGES TO DESIGNS will change the pricing.  Using this same pattern as an example, let's turn it into a smaller panel, with an outer border of beveled glass, installed in an antique wooden frame which the client already owns.

If the size changes to 18" by 42", the SIZE charge is reduced from $550 to $262.  The border of bevels would add about $50, plus increase the piece count by 18, adding $90 to the COMPLEXITY charge.  The client already owns the wooden frame, so no charge there.  If Steve mounts the panel and adds chain etc for hanging, that hour's work would be $50.  New total price for this version is $1202 plus taxes.

If all this is too much to bother with, just assume a range of $120 to $250 per square foot for your project and then give Steve a call or e-mail – he’ll narrow it down for you.

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