IMPORTANT UPDATE for fans of stained glass:

Unfortunately, Steve has suspended all stained glass marketing and production. A big thanks goes out to all his customers and supporters over the past 20 years.

This program will be of interest to building & decorating professionals operating in this local area - generally Meaford to Barrie; Caledon to Collingwood.

  • Architects
  • General Contractors
  • Furniture Makers & Refinishers
  • Kitchen & Bath Contractors
  • Interior Design & Decorating
  • Art Galleries

Stained glass may be of interest to you and your clients for a number of reasons:

1.   Many people simply love stained glass - the look and feelings it invokes. Your suggestion or use of stained glass in various projects can be part of the "value added" you provide.

2.   Stained glass is a high-end architectural/decor element. It can help maintain higher economic valuations of homes or commercial properties.

3.   Stained glass solves problems. Window panels frequently satisfy a particular need - to block out a problem view or provide privacy, while still allowing or enhancing the natural light coming into a room.

4.   Stained glass is extraordinarily flexible:

  • colours - opaque through translucent, in thousands of colours (and textures)
  • sizes - most work is custom work, made to fit a space - whether exterior applications with additional glazing or interior applications with or without additional framing
  • single or multi panel - the subject composition or colour themes can run across multiple panels - for example in entrance ways (sidelites & transoms) or cabinet doors
  • movable - some applications call for fixed installation, but works can also be hung or clipped into place, or, three dimensional works such as lampshades, sculptures or cases can simply be placed on tables or display areas
  • virtually any subject theme - designs can be taken directly from design books, or modified (for subject or dimensions) or can be completely custom - designs developed from photographs or other media or abstract. Stained glass is also frequently designed to fit within an overall decorating motif - Victorian, Art Deco, Prairie, Tiffany/nature, religious, modern, etc, etc, etc.

5.   Stained glass is not outrageously priced. Depending on complexity, our normal range is $120 to $250 CDN per square foot. See Stained Glass Pricing on our site to get a better idea of pricing for your project - or call/email Steve for a discussion, or a quote, or a meeting with your client.

6.   Avalon Clearview provides a commission structure for building/decorating professionals who contract with us.

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